Nappily Ever After Sends A Great Message

Many watched this past weekend the newly released Netflix Original Film, Nappily Ever After. This is a film based off of a fictional book by award-winning author Trisha R. Thomas. Although some of the details are changed in the film such as the main character’s name and a few other minor details, the story seems to still hold it’s main… Continue reading Nappily Ever After Sends A Great Message

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Foods To Help You Sleep Better!

Having trouble sleeping at night but don’t know what could help you get that amazing night of rest? Here are a few foods that could help with that! Oatmeal-This is one of my staple foods for a quick breakfast while still feeling full and is a great bedtime snack as well. Eating more fiber is great for… Continue reading Foods To Help You Sleep Better!


Volunteering At The Swap

My sister Marissa Chapman and I, had a great time last month volunteering with Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap. This is a fantastic organization that has a mission to provide access to educational materials for teachers and students. The average teacher spends between $600-$1,000 of their own money on supplies, and school budgets are only decreasing… Continue reading Volunteering At The Swap