Alyssa Cole is an Education Professional and Writer from Baltimore, Maryland. She discovered a love for reading as a toddler and began writing as enjoyment at the age of 9! After graduating from undergrad, she began editing Résumés in 2017 initially as a way to help classmates and college friends prepare for applying to jobs. Over time, however, Cole quickly noticed she had a talent for the craft. 

As she began to take Human Resources courses, she became addicted to learning about how to bring your  Résumé to life and began researching in her spare time what goes into being a potential job applicant and successful Professional in the workforce.  In 2018, The Résumé Surgeon was officially formed. Her target audience to assist are recent college graduates and young professionals. Cole loves to see young people growing in an academic setting and passionate about their career areas.

Currently, Cole is pursuing a Masters In Higher Education Administration-Student Affairs at Morgan State University, with a desire to become a Student Affairs Professional and later become a Professor. For enjoyment, she enjoys listening to music and reading. Cole is a firm believer that knowledge is power and one should try to take advantage of any opportunity to learn and grow.