Hey there! I’m Alyssa.
A little about me? How did I get to this point? Well, I discovered a love for reading as a toddler and began creative writing as enjoyment at the innocent age of 9! I enjoyed creating short stories, plays, and poetry. Fast-forward, after graduating from undergrad, I began editing Resumes in 2017 initially as a way to help classmates and college friends prepare for applying to jobs. Over time, however, I quickly noticed I  had a talent for the craft. I always got the job’s I interviewed for growing up and people were wondering “what in the world is this chick doing!”.  I even made a few videos on my old YouTube channel about Interviewing and Networking because I found myself always researching these type of topics. As a self-proclaimed storyteller, creating a vision/story with words was something I always enjoyed, so this was organically a great fit for me.
In 2018, “The Resume Surgeon” was officially created. My target audience to assist are High School Graduates, Undergraduate Students, Recent College Graduates, and Entry Level Professionals. I love to see young people growing in an academic setting and passionate about their Career areas, so I knew this demographic was the perfect fit for me. Remember, these are our leaders of tomorrow!
So what have I done up to this point to grow as a Resume Writer?
Resume Writing, Career Coaching, and Interviewing Courses 
Resume and Career Development Workshops 
Began facilitating Workshops on Relationships & Networking
& So much more!
Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Education at Louisiana State University and working as an Education Technology Professional assisting students through the Admissions process for some of the top schools in the country. Team Education =)
Listen, I want to see you win, and I know searching for jobs can be hard, stressful, and sometimes just dreadful! But, I am here to bring you the best service and to help you get to that next step in your Career.
Are you ready to land that Job? Let’s get started shall we!

Alyssa Cole



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